Saturday, April 27, 2013


Now that I've quit my job I have literally nothing interesting to say. All I have are little observations I make during my day that I share with Robbie who, love him, but has some major struggs as far as banter goes.

Observation #1-A man passed me at the mall wearing Abercrombie cologne (don't pretend like you don't know what it smells like when the air starts to look like a mirage as you walk by the storefront and you are accosted by the pheromones of sweaty teens) and I felt sad.There's an expiration date on when it is no longer acceptable to wear said cologne and that's a soft-18, strong-19.

Observation #2-Sometimes I can't think of how to spell a word so I type it into The Google and hope that my phonetic spelling gets a hit. Sometimes I have to scroll down a whole page until I see what I'm looking for. At that point, I become so ashamed I can no longer use that word, and opt for a lesser synonym.

Observation #3-Growing up my mom helped me practice smiling in the mirror for school pictures. To this day as soon as I sense a camera is near, my face automatically turns, tilts, and smiles* (but not too much lest it look forced).

Observation #4-I can't watch movies more than once with the following exceptions: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Star Wars. Those I will watch at least once a year, for the rest of my days.

Observation #5-I learned how to drive in my dad's work van that beeped when it backed up. I used to think it was really embarassing, but now I can't wait for Rob to dabble in the construction game around the time Robbie turns 16.

Now that I've shared these you can all secretly be disappointed that none of them include a ridiculous medical emergency, or a light-hearted spin on someone else's hardship.

*24 years of diligent practice