Friday, May 29, 2009

Its a Trap!

If any of your haven't invested a few hours in the viewing of The Big Bang Theory...shame on you.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Some things

Most of my blogs lately are little blips of thought. That's kind of the way my mind is working at this point. Tomorrow I have to go to the county clerks office for the marriage applic...but what about roses in the centerpie...I need to clean that mirro...I need to get that list of addresses from my sist...I keep forgetting to sign up for that beds not made...the i have time to...after i run i'll...I really need to make my bed.

Yeah. That's pretty much that. 

Anyway I think there should be an engagement package. Like after you decide to get engaged, all the little annoying parts of wedding preparation are, Bam, done. (Which Robert would argue is all of it)

Robert and I got our engagement pictures taken this weekend. He was very brave and lasted a whole hour, I was very proud. (Pictures to come)

Ferry is leaving on the 26th. So between her and Rob being gone Austin loses 95% of its appeal. Pearl drinks are the only thing holding the last 5% together.

I love my family because at any point in my life if I texted them, "Hey roo-roo, where you at?" I would get an applause at the other end of the phone. 

Lastly, this song is terrible, but I have a crush on them as a couple. I can't help it.