Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My career has peaked...I may as well retire

I feel like this post would be better if I just videotaped a monologue but Rob's not home to film me. I'm worried you won't get the whole feeling behind it...but here goes... I delivered a BABY. What?!?! Scene: I was wheeling a pregnant lady in from her car, she told me her baby was coming, I put my hand down and sure enough felt a little tiny head. I knelt down in front of the wheelchair, pulled off her sweats...and delivered her baby (it basically happened all under 60 seconds). The membrane was intact so I tore it off his little face, suctioned his little nose and mouth, wrapped him in wash clothes (the closest thing someone could get their hands on), and handed him to his momma. Afterwards, I cried. Wept. Way too pregnant to be delivering babies...the amount of emotion I felt made me feel like I was going to implode...or go into labor. Anyway, I went to check on her after my shift and here we are with that sweet little bebe.
Literally, the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me.