Saturday, April 5, 2014

Pinterest captions edited by Yours Truly

Tips to look good while pregnant How to hide the fact that you're enormous
Mommy by day, crafter by night Mommy by day, crafter by moments my child will leave me alone
Drink this daily and watch the pounds come off without fuss So much diarrhea
Indoor tree house loft for kids with slide and swing Buckets of extra square-footage and nothing to do?
Chocolate covered strawberries for Easter! Chocolate covered everything for always!
Brown Sugar Banana Bread Pancakes Flat muffins
Donut muffins Donuts
Carrot chips Bake vegetables in sadness
Display Rustic Ladder Shelf! Store trinkets and bobbles on old wood held together with Gorilla glue
Never have I ever wanted a tattoo, but I want this. Indecisive stance on tattooing
Prosciutto-Wrapped Truffle Fries Bacon wrapped potatoes
What to Wear in Family Photos Harder than choosing a name for your unborn child
A Broccoli Recipe For The Best Broccoli EVER! Fake thing
Limoncello Blueberry Trifles Blueberries on top of lemon pudding in your grandma's old china
Lazy Day Oatmeal Cake Mix oatmeal, sugar and butter in the same bowl. serve warm.
purple dyed hair #tweenwuzhere
Wrap cookie dough around a mini candy bar and bake it in a muffin tin! Begin your journey with Diabetes
Romantic Dinners for Two Food that won't make you feel too fat to get naked
Brown & gray. Like these colours. I'm British. Just kidding, I just see it spelled both ways so I'm taking liberties
Dream House Ideas Extra tidbits to fuel feelings of inadequacy
i LOVE country men, but you can't go wrong with a man in a suit... I like men who aren't unattractive
Build strength during pregnancy Sure, I guess
Spray paint baby’s breath gold & silver for decorations Don't do this and just buy it at Hobby Lobby
Tiffany blue Nike Running shoes You can still look rich while you run


Charlotte Lundell said...

I always knew you were funny but, come on. Were you holding out on me??? I'm delighted and hurt and confused all at the same time.
LOVED THIS! You're hilarious!

kjersti said...

YesToAllOfTheAbove. EspeciallyThePregnantOne

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