Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rob is awesome

So its definitely been over a month. Yikes. Sorry. I have been adjusting to life in Houston, the new job, new place etc. Everything is going well. Work is awesome, our apartment is awesome, and Houston is growing on me. Although, the heat is not. I know I live in Texas and sweating at 9pm at night is a norm, but here in Houston its a whole other ball game. The humidity is BRUTAL. Anyway. Boring.

My real incentive for writing is because Rob and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary on Friday (did we really make it two years?) and it was AWESOME. Let me explain. I had worked a 12 hour shift and on my way home called Rob to see what he was up to (even though I knew the answer: working). He told me to call when I got close to the apt and he would meet me there. About twenty minutes later I called him and he told me that I needed to go upstairs, hop in the bath (which was already drawn), and be ready for a car to pick me up at 8:30 to take me to the ZaZa. Whaaaat. So I did both and around 8:30 a black towne car came around the corner. Awesome. I felt so important...looking out at all the other people that had to drive their OWN cars. HA! Not me, suckaa! Anyway, so I got to the hotel, met Rob, (and in the nick of time too, as he was being propositioned by a lovely pride of cougars about 5 drinks deep) and went to our room which was right on the corner with an awesome view of downtown and a big fountain display. The hotel had sent up chocolate covered strawberries and a chilled bottle of Martinellis. Rob later explained that he had requested a non-alcoholic beverage be sent up in lieu of the Champagne due to his wife struggling through recovery...the hotel graciously obliged. We ate dinner at the hotel restaurant which was delicious annnnd skipping to breakfast, we also ate at the hotel restaurant, which was again, delicious.

Pretty much Rob is awesome.

The end.