Saturday, July 13, 2013

*Serious Post*

I'll keep this as short and sweet as I can. I'll write this post in timeline form.

6/24- Robbie gets super sick. Fevers up to 103.8. Can't give NSAIDS to drop fever because of kidneys. The next 4 days are hellish and he barely eats (and can't even tolerate being tube fed).

6/29- Call my mom and tell her that I feel like if he doesn't start eating soon things are going to get so much worse. Feeling like we are at a "crossroad." His hair isn't growing, he hasn't grown in length/weight etc.

6/30- Robbie won't eat bottle but begins to sign the word "eat" in sign language. He tries a few bites of prunes. Call my dad and he mentions he felt like the timing was right and things had the potential to improve. Dreading the weight check in the morning knowing he has probably lost a significant amount of weight. Talk to bishop at church, he recommends a ward/family fast/prayer. Feeling a little better.  

7/1- Weight check. Praying in car that I don't have a total meltdown at the office when I see he's lost weight. Robbie gains 7 ounces. What?

7/3- I put out a note on Facebook to ask that people would join in on the fast/prayer. People responded immediately. People that I talk to frequently, people that I haven't talked to in years. I'm overwhelmed by the support.

7/4- Robbie tries to eat a few bites of prunes

7/7- Sunday. Robbie is well enough to go to church. Everyone mentions him in their prayers. The Bishop makes a comment that often "miracles come about in the most natural of ways." Feeling hopeful. Go to bed feeling like things are about to get better.

7/10- Robbie eats a whole container of pears

7/12- Robbie eats a whole container of pears

7/13- Robbie eats a whole container of pears

I know that we have a long way to go but I can't express in words how amazing it is to see him eat. I won't even try. I am just so grateful that so many people came together on the same day to ask for a miracle for Robbie. Up until last week he would begrudgingly drink his formula (in very small amounts). This week he is not only eating real food, but is also drinking flavored Pediasure (after weeks of slowly trying to introduce it). A friend saw him eating today and said, "Um...he's eating?"

He is eating. HE. IS. EATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!