Thursday, January 28, 2010

My latest project

So I've had this really ugly gold dresser forever. Super ugly. Unfortunately I forgot the first cardinal rule of refurbishing...before and after pictures. You'll just have to take my word for it that it was super ugly...for reals. Anyway I'm very proud. I sanded, painted and adorned. Hardware and dresser napkin (which was actually a dish towel) courtesy of Anthropologie.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Crazies

This semester in Nursing I will be introduced to the joyous world of Mental Health. You say, "Joyous? In what way?" Well I'll tell you. Joyous in the beautiful sense of a perpetually repeated phrase or word, like "HELP!" or "I AM GEORGE WASHINGTON." Joyous in the wonder of knitting a beautiful blanket with absolutely no yarn and no needles. Joyous in the comfort of being surrounding by family and friends, who, for your forgetful benefit, all wear name tags and carry around bags of skittles that although make your body feel like Jell-O, make your mind feel like a million bucks.

Most especially, joyous in the amount of rules (with a personalized explanation by myself) set for students and hospital personnel:
1. Do not wear bright colors (as it will agitate the crazies<--not politically correct)
2. Do not wear tight fitting clothing (the more androgynous, the less likely they'll remember you are their girlfriend/wife/lover when you make eye contact)
3. Keep hair pulled out of your face (knitting with invisible yarn for too long and they'll take any substitute they can get)
4. If wearing lanyard, have a breakable clasp in the back (for when they decide to strangle you because you remind them of a distant figure from the past)
5. Do not wear jewelry, sparkling accessories or nail polish of any sort (See explanation on question 1)
6. Never intentionally "egg-on" the patients (they will kill you)

So there you have it. A few easy rules to live by that ultimately, could save you from a bloody nose, a bald spot, and/or various degrees of harassment. I hope to have some fun and exciting stories to share this semester, but mostly I just hope to see some crazy crap accompanied by my best nursing buds, and a few nutsos.

***Dedicated to Abinadi Ayerdis

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Your majesty

So I got this magazine the other day addressed to "Baroness Kasey Anderson." Its called, "Boden." I think its safe to say I love everything, and I literally mean everything it has to offer.

Also, Baroness...yep, i like it.

Oh by the way, we're having the missionaries over tonight, for some reason that always makes me feel so much better. Maybe it's the insta-blessings, or maybe it's the excuse to clean my apartment top to bottom. Oh the sweet, sweet smell of freshly cleaned carpets...its intoxicating, euphoric even. Never mind the likely explanation of our 725 sq ft apartment combined with multiple ammonia-based cleaners. If I get a nose bleed maybe that will explain the many years of adoration over a sparkling counter top.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


A few holiday gifts

My mom brought me a bunch of old jewelry and the center of the necklace was her favorite earring that she lost the other half to.

My amazing sister-in-law Emilee also taught me how to crochet at the cabin. How many crochet hats have I made since then? Too many to count.

I have so much to catch up on!

Okay. First things first: best vacation ever.

I started to make a list of all the awesome things we did, but I think it would be best captured with some pictures...

Rob with new baby Hazel in her Holiday digs

The smiliest, smile baby ever

Three beauties all with their hairbands from Aunt KayKase :)

Baby starfish brought over by her very protective father. No cold weather could penetrate her get-up

And there was quite a bit of cold weather

Cutest coat ever, maybe?

Winnie the Pooh will do that to a 1 1/2 year old

Sadly, I didn't take any photos at the cabin but you can rest assured it was more fun than we could stand.

We're so lucky to have such awesome families.