Thursday, September 23, 2010

Man Down!

OH the shame of nursing students passing out. I remember on the unit I used to work at we would giggle when nursing students couldn't hack it and would have to go lay down after seeing some itty bitty ulcer. "I think I need some water" they'd say with their head in their hands. "What a little GIRL!" I'd say in my head, and then later in the break room. How EMBARRASSING. Man...

In other news, I passed out today at clinical. HA. I was hanging out in the wound clinic checking out some burns having a great time when something inside me started to whisper "This isn't fact, this is totally gross. I recognize your mentally okay with this but just as a heads up the legs that you rely on to stay standing are going down, and they're going down fast." I tried so hard to convince my body I wasn't grossed out but all I had time to do was head out the door to the Dr's report room and make it into a Dr's reach where he lowered me into unconsciousness. I think I was only down for a few seconds and woke up laughing saing, "oh man, seriously, I'm fine, I love wounds, I'm okay!" They made me lay there for a few more minutes with all the kids walking by the room with their mocking glances. I had to remind myself they were only kids and it would be inappropriate to yell some adult comment like "Shut up stupid! What are you looking at?!"

I got sent home from clincial and when I got home read an email informing me that my TB (tuberculosis) test from my new employer was borderline and I had to come in for a chest x-ray. Awesome. So I left to do that and chit-chatted with the guy doing the xray until I realized he didn't even know how to read the film, he could simply point out my heart so I stopped freaking out about the crappy information he was giving me. I also told them about my "incident" today so they did some orthostatic blood pressure checks (where they take BP laying, sitting, and standing) and as it turns out I have pretty severe orthostatic hypotension (really low BP when you stand and get dizzy and sometimes fall). I had always suspected this but after my embarrassing and swift descent to the ground today I was happy to have something to blame it on.

Oh and then they decided while I was there to hit me up with my new flu shot that leaves a large majority of its recipients with flu-like symptoms. I'm not sure if I can blame the shot on the delirium I'm feeling but I like things to be neat and organized (did you know?)so I'll put those together so no symptoms are left out without a diagnosis. After all, that'd be like having a bunch of index cards with no designated index card filing box and that is WACK.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Its okay kids, the library is a safe place!

Our location of residency is sketchy at best...and every time I see stuff like this I just add it to my list of reasons to get the freak out of here.

Rob adds it to his list of reasons to stay.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pedi Nursing In A Nutshell

They're small.
They cry.
They hate me.
They know that "we're having a tea party and I'm going to drink the medicine too, cheers!" is the stupidest thing they've ever heard in the 24 months they've been living.
They know that "poke you with a straw" means "stab you with this freakin' ginormous needle/weapon/torture device."
They cry.
They boss me around.
They wear very small socks.
Their wrist-bands are in size 6 impossible-to-read-font and are even less legible when they swat at me/attempt to strangle me with my stethoscope.
Seeing my face is equally as traumatic as having a shot.
When I try to comfort them, they hate me more.
When they see me, they cry.
When they hear me, they cry.
I'm their worst nightmare, but what they don't know, is that the feeling is mutual.

Monday, September 13, 2010

RIP Melty Armadillo

It seems as though the Wicked Witch/Armadillo of the West melted on our porch this past week.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

Merry Land?

So I got a phone call from a lady doing a background check on me for my new job. She was trying to confirm what high school I went to.

Lady: So you went to Century High School?
Me: Yes
Lady: And that was the name of the high school?
Me: ...yes
Lady: And that was in Maryland?
Me: Yes
Lady: And that's Maryland, Texas?
Me: ...Nope, that's Maryland, the state, Maryland.
Lady: Ohh. And how do you spell that?


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Study, study little buddy

Turns out, I'm an over-studier. Rob has been trying to tell me this for a while now but it just always seemed so blasphemous. I decided to experiment with my first exam of the semester and study for just a few hours over the course of two weeks and then about 5 hours the day before. I'd say I studied about 15 hours max. Normally I study closer to 40 hours in 2 weeks, maybe a little more. Anyway, of course I did better and even though I'm glad I've seemed to find something that works better than investing a crap load of time into apparent worthless studying...the idea that I'm not benefiting from all my diligent time has left me a little shaken. What else have I been wrong about?! Are the shades of Pemberley to be thus polluted!

There's no place like home

Currently there is a tornado warning in our area, the National Weather Service has this advice to offer: